Sounds of the WWCRA Udder Race, 5-26-02.

These sound clips contain mooing and cow bodily functions which may be objectionable to some listeners.

Carrie (a.k.a. Dusty Roads) prepares for the costume contest before the big race: cowqueen.wav

The world record bovine racer and Bonnie careens around the mile in 8:48:





These sound files are large and will sound poorly until they load completely. They are worth the wait.

The world record for bovine racing is now 8:47 for a mile. Bonnie was beaten by 1 second in the very next heat for entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mid Michigan Cow Racing Association (MMCRA) Rules

Adult Cow Race:

At least 16 and up

The race for the year 2002 was held in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, U.S.A. on Sunday, May 26 at the Isabella County Fairgrounds.

1)      The animal must be a polled/dehorned female of the bovine (cow) species.

2)      Horse racing rules will be the standard rules of the cow race.

3)      A Michigan Fairs and Exhibitors health certificate will be required for each animal entered from outside Michigan. Current TB papers must accompany all animals.

4)      The dropping of the flag will start each race.

5)      The animal will be required to carry a saddle.

6)      The rider and saddle must weigh at least eighty (80) pounds.

7)      The rider must wear protective headgear.

8)      The animal must be ridden one (1) mile from a standing start.

9)      All riders must be at least sixteen (16) years old; proof of your age will be required.

10)  An animal can run the cow race as many times as the rider would like.  An entrance fee must be paid each time.  The fastest time will be retained.

11)  A disclaimer must be signed with each entrance fee.

12)  An entrance fee of $30.00 will be required. The entrance fee must be paid by May 1, 2002 and received along with the entry form. Entrance fee will be $40.00 from May 1, 2002 to race time. A fee to run the race a 2nd time will be $30.00.

13)  The prize fund will pay six (6) places. 1st Place will be $1200.00.

14)  The 3 fastest animals will receive medals (1st-gold, 2nd-silver, and 3rd-bronze) besides the prize money.

15)  In the event of a tie for the first place the racers will have to run a second race to break the tie. The time of the first race will be used toward the record.

16)  The fastest animal will be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Fastest Cow.

17)  Each year following the year 2002 race, a race will be held at the Mount Pleasant Meadows to continue to try to break the World’s Fastest Cow record.

18)  The race will be run on ˝ mile horse race track.

19)  Each animal will race against the clock and each other.

20)  Two people will be allowed into race area with each cow. One person must hold cow at the starting line.

21)  The decisions of the judges will be final.

22)  The riders’ rules of the race will be sent to each applicant. The riders’ rules of the race will also be sent upon request.

23)  The MMCRA has the right to change the rules and regulations at anytime.

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Recorded by Steve Swart.